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random thoughts:
i often think that a commonly seen realist is one who doesnt have any standrads in life. he keeps fickling from one thought to another, justifying each of his jump to being real 'coz thats what hapens in this world'. such a person can easily get misguided, or get on the wrong. the judgemental sense of mind should be expected to be lesser developed in a realist. on the other hand an idealist should not be understood as somebody very much dogmatic, or strict with the temporal behaviour, living life in some heaven. he is one who knows how the idealism is difficult, and in most cases, impossible, to achive. so he learns to bridge the gap of idealism and realism. in true sense, therefore, this is being an ideal 'realist'. most commonplace 'realist' are nothing but thugs and fools, trying to mask their foolishness under 'realism'. an ideal realist , in first place ,would never disagree to doing any un-ideal or the wrong things. better, he would be less defensive to his action, unlike the fake 'realist'. he would still be having a high sense of good judgements, even when in reality, he may be conducting himself contrary to it. his keenness to apply himself to attain idealism is another such telltaling ground from a fake realist. the latter take wrong acts earlier, faster and more easily than an ideal realist. to decide on most matters of life, some comparative standards are essential. otherwise, we all know and agree, that everything is relative or based on one's perception. so even the rights and wrongs would be relative, making everything and this world so conflicting and eventually so choatic. to resolve out this, we all set some standards, --some common standards, by which to differ the rights from wrongs. such standards are normally set as per the evolution of the encompassing society and culture. for example, most of our sandards, or ethos as we also know them as, come from the ramayana and the mahabharata. so much pronouncing is the influence of the relativity that these standards itself can undergo changes upon changes of living environment or the society. our corrupt and depraved society, thus has already started producing the 'fake' realist whose judgement standards itself has undergone mutation due to long years of corruption/malpratices pervading in the society n culture.


  1. "an ideal realist , in first place ,would never disagree to doing any un-ideal or the wrong things."

    Incorrect. An ideal realist would seek the most ideal solution to any problem, but in a realistic manner.

    Take happiness for example. It is an idealist who would say if we do this, this, and this we can be happy.

    A realist, on the other hand, would give all the reasons why we could never be completely happy.

    An ideal-realist, therefore, would use his ability to determine impossibilities, and improbabilities within any idealist scheme (solution).

    An ideal-realist would be far more efficient than either an idealist, or realist. S/he would be able to more objectively analyze problems than an idealist, and as a result would be able to filter out problem solutions than an idealist could.

  2. @csteinman
    thanks for explicating my thougts even better.
    and thanks for your comments too.


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