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Private adult tapes :- to the question of future of the protagonists

Private videos of common civilians in their compromising positions have become replete on internet these days. With digital camera becoming a toy device in every person’s hand, the most secretive life of people is coming to public light in galore. Sometimes I feel elated that to the students of human psychologies it is opening doors of some new frontiers, and sometimes sad as to what would be the public life of people who have been caught up in those videos.
Almost all people I meet are enthusiastic about seeing those tapes. But many of them feel utterly disgusted with other people who see or talk about them, because of a natural fear rising in own mind of themselves falling victims of infidelity some day. The instantaneous thought of own family’s women member getting caught deters most of such people to ever appreciate, comment, or discuss such videos. Therefore this lot of people are always in disgust and denigrating mode towards those who watch and discuss them.
It’s not that I want to encourage people to comment rampantly such dark accidental pages of unfortunate person’s life, but I want to take concerns and think of some better future for them in the aftermath of these incidents.
With the growing threat of Taliban and extremist religious values, I once got thinking on whether it was really such big taboo in India to get seen the adult secret life in full public. Some odd chapters of Indian history passed my thoughts right away. The pictures of sculptors of Khujraho, Jagannath Puri, Konark Sun Temple, and the treatise of Kamasutra gave some hints to think in some different terms. Then, my recent visit to the Red Fort of Agra, and the Taj Mahal, further nourished my growing-up opinion. There used to be no doors inside the Forts of the Moghuls. Hawa Mahal (or the Air Condition Room) of Moghul Kings had no doors, nor did their sleeping chambers. There were only curtains on them.
I think that the adult actions getting caught being done in the full glare of whole wide world has been happening from the times immemorial. It is nothing new to human society. But what the technology has done is to make it ‘eternal’ through the process of digitization, and have it farther promulgated. This is the bigger damage that has happened in the present times in relation to the past.
But since the camera has become so much an easy device, the growing count of private videos of more and more people might eventually make our society indifferent to them in time to come.
So the victims should not take any drastic action on themselves, particularly suicide or so, to escape the undue public glare. Avoiding public appearance for some time, till some dust settles on their scandal tapes, would be a better remedial action.
Most people who do a regular access to such ‘clips’, whose count by my estimation must be quite high, would rather be comfortable towards the social acceptance of their misfortune pleasure- entertainers.
From high class celebrities, to non-descript town people, many such ‘entertainers’ have already emerged in our media and cyber world. And yet many of them continue to live a life, even if not so normal, but still happy by many other standards, I am sure. And many have continued on their careers and dreams normal as before. Such examples should redeem the new ‘sinners’ from giving-up on desire to live. At the same time, those of the people who feel disgusted with their fellow beings who like discussing the tapes, should avoid the fear of their mind, for this might make them yet another kind of ‘extremist’ who by his thoughts thinks of himself has ‘high standards, clean life’ and ‘imposes’ bans on others. Acceptance, even if helplessly, of the uncontrolled promulgation should make the ‘extremist’ to calm himself and pass it on as event of life, technologised and contemporary, instead of suppressing the free-speech which may be a subtle diatribe, albeit positive, fact full and true.

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