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Scams of India

these are the days of unearthing of scams. big ones, which deal on lakhs-of-caror of rupees. The recent ones being the 2G scam. more recent but not-yet-investigated scam is that of food scam in UP.
Actually my issue that being a employed, busy making my earning and bread-and-butter citizen of India, I don't quite really get the hang of what these scams are really all about. There is always some media-hysteria around them, a lot of sarcasm, cartoons, literalistic fun , but none explains to me the mechanism of these scams, the account to whom the money has traveled to through the scam,. who were the scam-sters, and why couldn't they be brought to the book , to the law. what was the role of each of the person charged in the scam log of investigation agency.?
They all never get answered. the scene is quite like someone hitting one six in the middle of a play and then rejoicing as though he has won the entire match.

For example, the Fodder scam. Every time i think of it, or hear of it, the only picture that comes to my mind is that of Laloo eating the chara of a buffalo. In the 2G scam, I always think of one south indian man A Raja sitting on his desk with some files. That is all i know.
Today I tried to dig a little deeper into a few scams which i could. The fodder scam internet search , for example, showed that the CBI had some 20 truck-backs of documents to be taken to the court for the sake of giving evidence against all those chargsheeted by it. At one point I found that CBI itself has also been charged by those who were prosecuted, and to more surprise, courts have accepted the case. So, who investigates the CBI now? Whom do i trust.
The media is more busy making stories for or against the political big-nut it wants to play upon.

Another question in my curious thoughts is about the causes of these multiple carors of scams rampantly happening through our society? Why is that. In most cases of scams, it is one single person on who the entire poison couldron is turned. But than, does it it all happen by action of one single man who is the sole benefactor of all that multiple caror funds which have been siphoned off? Many people say that there are many many more people involved and that the amount deficited is not incurred in one day's time but over many many years.
So, how does it all began and why do all people, high or low, educated or uneducated, learned or illiterate, rich or poor, --all get sucked into this chain of events leading to formation of that scam?

How do i know right at this moment that I am not being a part of some chain of events which will become a multiple caror scam tomorrow? There are many discretion I make everyday. Will i not become a part of scam, for not being able to explain my discretion tomorrow.

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  1. I seldom leave comments on blog, but I have been to this post which was recommended by my friend, lots of valuable details, thanks again.


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