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A military coup in India !!?

why a military power seizure may not be possible with the government system such as that of India?

After reading that baffling news in the Indian Express, I thought if the newspaper can publish a news for me (and for the sake of explaining better what is the big joke in the news that the Indian Express is giving.)
"OMG ! Can you believe this. Banta Singh tried to take over the reins from Manmohan Singh by plotting his killing!".
Technically Indian system does not have the essential features which can aid a military take over. Most people are not aware of what those features should be like. So the people can be fooled by such news scripts. But then, those same people can also be fooled by as idiotic news as any common man planning a coup to take over the government by murdering the prime minister.
Essential, any military coup will require abundant elements of obedience from the civil services group, and that too a voluntary one, coming in the form of a constitutional order. The constitution does not provide any military leader to even come as second-in-command to the civilian head of the military forces, so that any military leader may issue orders through the constitutional routes to the vast civil services group, under any pretext such as the incapacity of the civilian leader, or say, due to the physical ill-ness. Hence, it is not possible for the military head to issue orders to the civilian heads under any circumstances.
The spy agencies are headed by the purely civilian people with negligible military back grounds. Spy agencies can forewarn any plots of a coup by the military. Hence government systems such as India have a very remote possibility of a take over. The trends of economy In India, the strength of Indian business organisation in the world market, all will suffer downslide if any coup happens anytime.

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  1. Very nice and thoughtful piece.
    Thank you for your interest in my cartoons


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