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The cultural "Logical" problems of Indians

(based on a Facebook Conversation with a friend):

One cultural-"logical" problems for Indians is that If everybody will become educated, and the Shudra will rise above through reservations, then who will do these menial jobs of cleaning the neighborhood ?? When the Sixth Pay Commission asks for finishing the Grade 'D' salary group, they mean to say only about raising the Basic Pay of ex- Grade 'D' employees to Grade 'C' level, not about improving the skill level of these employees. No body thinks it is worth thinking about the drainage system in India, perhaps apart from the Indus valley and Harappan systems. Mumbai has one of the dirtiest systems and places for a metropolitan city. Discovery and National geographic talk about the history and evolution of drainage in Paris and London. They have huge size underground tunnels and maintained through robots and Computer based Maintenance Systems. That means the labourers are learned enough to handle those robots and Computer PMS. Boston and NewYork have the biggest sewage treatment plant before the sewage water in released in the local rivers.

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