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Supreme Court verdict on natural resources Auctioning,-- ground work to the next level 'Thieving Decisions'

So, the teachers of the old High School were now involved in a cheating scam. The walls were all scribbled with the answers and students were writing the exam sitting in this same room. Despite many request to have the walls painted, the Principal were (deliberately ?!) not having it done, and this being publicly known that his family relatives children are also writing the exams sitting in the room. When the flying squad caught the Principal for cheating happening, the principal defended himself saying Painting the wall was cost-incurring and therefore could not be made mandatory by the Flying Squad on the School management. The principal and the school management take the matter to the court, where the court has already given first ruling in favour of the Flying Squad that the Principal and School management was involved in facilitating cheating.
In the second lawsuit, that Whether Painting the Wall should be made mandatory or not, the Court rules in favour of the School, saying that "Painting is truly not mandatory" (( considering that Class 10th students can be made to sit in Kindergarten class rooms where, despite the walls still being scribbled with the answers , will be of no good worth to the class 10th students. ))
The principal and school came out jeering, "see we told you, our position on painting the walls was never wrong".

Friends, introducing the latest 2G Spectrum scam related Natural Resources Auctioning Supreme Court verdict to you.
The purpose of this fallacy being promulgated by the government (read ''the UPA ministers'') through the latest SC verdict is no less sinister. At the rock bottom of such scams sits the very typical Indian Jugaad-minded Decision-making skill, "if ignorance is bliss, you may feign the ignorance to enjoy the bliss". As they say in Hindi, "aidda ban ke pedda kaho". This recent verdict of the SC can be (mis-)used by the politicians and the bureaucrats to continue on their trails to exploit the nation under the defense, "I didn't know clearly what this case-law means in the whole". Additionally, the verdict gives an opportunity to confuse the voters, "the UPA was right, see i told you".

A typical indian-national manager quite often makes use of the feigning ignorance trick to proceed on the illegal track. The courts in India until now have been soft and merciful on the issue of a possible ignorance and allow the decision-makers to get away. but were this fallacy ever to be corrected, which I am sure people in the west like to see getting corrected in their system, the competency of the person who is either actually Ignorant or feigning ignorance , can be taken into the docks. It is high time we start tightening noose on such 'ignorant' decision-makers and dismount them from the high end tables where they will destroy the organisation for their personal gains, either way- due to actual ignorance or the feigned ignorance .

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