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Thieving Decision-making

Thieving Decision-making

In India, due to general ignorance on law matters, people at decision-making positions sometimes act a little whimsical by allowing themselves to assume that if any decision they are taking is being reasoned by someone else to be 'prima facie' wrong then someone would complain against that decision. This kind of decision-making has double gives them liberty to stand and live lifelong ignorant of the law, and later claim/feign ignorance of the law if they are caught in a misdeed which they 'might have' intentionally carried out .

 Is their a name for Such actions of the bureaucrats, Politicians, or Managers at Senior Ranks? Can these acts be prosecuted under the claims of "Mental anguish"? Can the person be held liable to be 'incompetent for the Rank', as he might erect on line of defence for his decision-making as "Nobody told me! I thought if my decisions were wrong then someone will come out with the problem he is facing" .

Afternote :
I call the above as "thieving" because this is one the ways a friendly and proficient theft was being done at one place in my seeing.
A thief guy would surreptitiously pull out the objects from backpacks of his friends and quickly hide them somewhere close by, making sure that the location of hiding may also be made to appear such that the object had by accident fallen from the backpack in that location. If the owner would reflexively catch the thief guy doing all this, the thief guy would quickly 'joke it away' that he was only trying to train him that someone else might steal away this object if the owner would keep the backpack loose. !
And if the owner never could realize the loss , the thief guy would have made his successful kill.

This is the same strategy many decision-making manager do when they have to make a evil decision which can otherwise prima facie be called wrong.

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