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Digvijay's idea of democracy

What's wrong with Digvijay Singh? A significant count of questions he poses to Kejriwal aim to ask the regulatory breeches kejriwal did during his service tenure in the IRS. but isn't this same as asking a child playing truant from his school ,"hey did you take permission of your school principal before you bunked classes ". Digvijay is seriously confused about the objectives he wants to set forth. in an alternative case, being from a princely set up, he confuses a Benevolent Dictatorship with the idea of Democracy. He would not disagree that the route to civilian protest in a democracy would entail those acts which Kejriwal did, but he wants to take objections to violation of some internal rules.
 In another set of his questions, digvijay wants to give to his reader a suggestion of the accusation that a foreign hand (an NGO from USA) is involved with IAC, instead of directly accusing the foreign hand. It is like an spoil sport joke, 'hey I know what you upto. Speak truely what have been upto? " These jokes make an honest look suspicious. Obviously his party would not like to antagonize that foreign hand.

 Digvijay's understanding of democratic governance is concerning. At one point, even Laloo spoke that he "I have been an administrator (should be read as "Ruler"). I know what it takes to govern (read, "rule") the people. Kejriwal must not teach us what it take to govern (read, "rule") the people when he has never done that. " There are confused, rural ideas of public governance in our politicians.

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