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why do people have problem making an admission of their mistake ?

why do people have problem making an admission of their mistake ? 
Admission, confessions are the beginning point from where corrective actions begin. But there is a politics and honor issues hovering the acts of admission. That of being short-changed. It is not because the mistaken concept was fervently fought for at the time people viewed it as the correct choice, but because others who are disagreeing were insulted and laughed at when they are protesting the erstwhile correct choice, - that the issue of dishonour arises. It is not a worldwide phenomenon. Japanese are one people known for very quietly and filled with guilt and remorse admitting their mistakes. Toyota and many japanese manufacturers have often taken almost suicidal decisions of recalling all of their products from the market when a fault was discovered. The train tickets are refunded when train is delayed for more than 3 minutes.
           Infact, in our place there is politics behind the trick of admission too. In the other common practise, the mistake is assigned away to some gullible one's credit, and then that person is isolated , ostracised for the 'mistake, he has committed'. Why is delhi police not admitting the blunders of public security duties? Why is there a repeatedly lapsing law and order issue in UP?
      Because they all begin with fingerpointing the cause of lapse to someone else, instead of looking inwards. the game of upmanship is sought to be continuously played on when people stop or avoid making admissions. That is politics.

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