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a collection of Sophist arguments

read the image below. What sort of logical conclusion can your derive from it?
The sophist were the class of people who were supposed to be the adversaries of Socrates. The sophist were only focused on winning the arguments, not as much in find the truth and the justice. the sophist is not concerned with truth and justice, but instead seeks power. Towards this, a small natural fact would be enough to subvert the truth and justice hidden elsewhere.
Like, from this image, people can be fooled to stop looking for consciousness with the belief that Consciousness is not so much rare and hard thing to find because every body thinks that he has got one. The image, therefore, might amount to mean that "you better stop thinking of yourself as a conscious man because each of us is entitled to think like that", effectively putting a stop on the sharing of a new found consciousness on some matter.
This image is one example of a Sophist Quote.


a Sophist-like quote. Or maybe something which the Socrates , if he did so about which I have doubts, said in response to some Sophist action. Such viewpoints only contribute to stifle free speech, people's thoughtful self , and in a very intricate way , put a brake on Enquiry and Reason. Some people react to such quote by stopping to answer or even to accept those for an Answer which have already been time tested and well - founded, well- reasoned.

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