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Compulsory teaching of the spirit of Freedom!

Maharashtra Government makes it compulsory to recite Preamble to Constitution in the schools.
          Isn't the very notion of making a thing *Compulsory or putting a ban/censoring* a thing the very opposite of the idea which the Constitution would want to sow into the people- that Spirit of Freedom. thinking minds say that the best way to teach the spirit of freedom is by rendering Help, a help to each person so that he may *discover for himself* that spirit of freedom. Schools may teach that as a regular curriculum , but a Compulsory teaching is , in a sense, the very violation of the idea these future citizens are expected to absorb.
          The neo-commercialized offers very little in the name of freedom. It is rather impossible to know whether the game of cricket is being so excessively played because the people like to watch the game , or because it is being so excessively played so the citizens have least choices on the television to watch but this game.Freedom, hobbies , likes, dislikes are all so commercialised choices. Rather, it has become a question to own self if we have a choice remaining within us at all.
           Has the commerce become the new trap of ensalving the free spirit of Man? An occasion when your choices , likes and dislikes are done so much in excess that you rather forget to think whether you like it , or dislike it, the when's and the why's. The better way to imbibe and preserve the spirit of freedom was by way of giving a leisure time, a time to explore (making sure that we DON'T push the students to explore) their own choices likes and dislikes in things they have around. The inculcation of a hobby is the spark that will ignite freedom in students.

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