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Lawyer lawmaker does the trickery again

Khurshid, another UPA stalwart with basic degree in Law, does all the trickery to defend his government's brazen support to Bansal at this hour of misdeeds being caught red-handed . Khurshid's claim is that "While the government is under scanner , it doesn't mean there is no government''. He augues it further in reference to CBI's un-desired involvement into Supreme Court monitored CoalGate investigations saying that ''Govt has every right to know the truth. Our discussions with the CBI on the Report of investigations was merely the exercise of our right ''! This hair-splitting dismantling of the notion of justice is a copy-book method of destroying the Justice. In the shakespearen play ''The Merchant of Venice'' , Lady Portia does the trick to save Antonio by asking Shylock of "take only a pound of flesh, but not a drop of blood must fall''.
       In philosophy, the challenges of shifting the viewpoint station closer or far from the object under view are well recognised-the Micro views and the Macro view. In Physics, the difference in the working technology and the purposes of a Telescope and a Microscope so well known. Infact the creation of two sub types of laws of Physics, the Classical Physics and the Quantum Physics, is premised on how the laws apply different as the particles' behaviour appear different when the viewpoint station changes between closer and farther.
  Given a freedom to vacilate the viewpoint station, a smart laywer in a stab killing case must just rake argument some day ''prove that the victim did not thrust his body on the sharp edge on the knife which my client was merely holding in his hand''. Or that ''while my client shot the bullet from his revolver, the victim himself chose to come in way of the flying bullet to have himself killed''.
       Khurshid does another blatant attempt to defend the indefensible.

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