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Retirement Send-offs

Retirement Send-offs are very emotional movement. Or, they should have been so unless ofcourse our attitudinal Commondification did not take-over our Emotional Intelligence to respond appropriately to a given emotion. It's is surprising that we Indians who are so much into watching that Emotionally 'masala'-rich bollywood produces , in our real lives are acutely de-sensitive of emotionally appropriate responses. Sometimes it makes me doubt if bollywood is doing to the society on the emotional front or is it working to strip our people of the sensitivity through a clever way of over-feeding dislikeness.
 People give more attention to food, the dresses, to meeting the seniors and giving 'respect' to them (to score the promotion brownie points) than to feel or express the depth of the occasion. It goes like that in Shaadi, Birthdays, and all that. Parties have become our heartless attitudinal way of deriving 'pleasure', almost an addictive habit with no real and no emotional purpose.
We are truly decaying.

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