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the communists of India

the associated political outfit of Naxalism is the banned party CPI(M). It stands for the Communist Party of India (Maoist).
     It is notable that Communism in India has grown heavily around the region where Caste Feudalism has been too high. Apart front that the tribal population has been significant.
  In europe, the Karl Marx Communism was a line of thought created from the rise of middle class during the Industrial Revolution. The growing labour related issues of that time seemed to give *likely* glimpse of the future, to Karl Marx, about how the world would result out some centuries later. He wrote those idea in books such as 'Das Capital' , which gave the world the concept of Communism.
    Distances away, in China , a local leader's ascendancy to power through ouster of the monarchy gave to the world the Mao Zedong's idea of Communism. Mao was influenced from Marx, but his approach to achieve that end through the violent means, and contrastedwith Marx idea of the middle-class take-over of governance, caused the Mao approach to be named as Maoism. The practitioner, ofcourse as Maoists, as the english grammar works on. The indian communist as Maoist for the possible cause of its connection with the caste-based feudalism which the lower class population had suffered in the region.
     Nevermind that. The problem it now serves is that as the CPI rule lead to decline of industries in the Governance regions, people seem to develop aversion for these policies, resultingly , becoming averse to the labour laws as a whole.
      Whatever the fight be about , the cultural outlook of these regions is typically hostile and averse to the foremost things- the laws. They, no more, understand the common law practises, they no-more accept anything in lore of the Social/Public welfare, and they no-more like to hear of anything even remotely touching the labour laws favourable to the workers as against to the employers.
       In my thinking, the cultural outlook has a kind of a 'communist' complex, a psychometric aversion to certain a Marxist Communism related ideas. There is extreme ignoramity about the laws as a whole, where , even if someone takes up a slight conversation of how a certain Contract terms is being violated, or a labour law is being breached, the person begins to sound like 'legalist' to the communist-complexed people. 'Legalist' , in history and philosophy, is the name of a chinese philosophy on how to perform work, said to be originated from chinese philosopher Confucius (also known as Tao), when he laid the idea as 'Fa, Sha, Shui' (do work as spoken, record it, ...) . This idea from Confucius was mainly meant for the then Civil Servants, the aim being to obtain a good public governance. This chinese philosopher is actually credited as the first personin the world to have conducted written exams for entry into the Civil Services.
        Overtime, his philosophy of doing things in writing, called as the Legalism by historians of future, vanished due to other causes. But it still did leave behind this highly successful idea being practised even to this date.
   The indian communist, surely a very ''grammar and semantic'' -challenged person does a misnomer by labelling per who talk about the Contract laws, the Labor issues, the welfare idea as the 'Legalist', and as said before, suffer from a kind of a complex generated from their cultural and political climate of Communism and Feudalism combined. As a result of these complexes, the violations of the about laws is very common and very commonly acceptable in their lives. No wonders, the west already labels the Indians as ''someone who don't keep their Contracts''.


     People from the communist governed states in India seem to have developed an anti-communist attitudes. Anything which sounds even remotely likely what their governments have hatefully done is resisted without any mental enquiry of its lawfulness.
     Labour laws, I have seen, whenever reminded or invoked , are protested by the natives of these states with a zeal and a claim of ''red flag is trying to soar high into the organisation''. Unfortunately this conduct, a definite consequence of ignoramity and attitudinal resistance, creates actual unlawfullness and violations of labour laws, thereby creating the truely honest eligible dissatisfied people.

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