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the decaying culture

I am ready for a cricket betting. I will bet that a given match is fixed, or a given spot event is fixed. I know it's a certain bet which I am almost sure to win. All that I need to do is to pass some incentives of my betting profits to be passed to the police for lawfully exposing that my bet was correct.
    Maybe the police will also start becoming 'fixed' some day, if a such a bet takes us on. But in this entire loss and defeat we all will learn in our collective conscience how the decay of a society begins. How a nation can first be culturally suffocated and then militarily seiged.
        India has got it wrong in its collective conscience the Social Theory , how a society evolves , what is morality, what are ethics and what role they play in the Social Theory. Social Theory is a proceeding work for the Nation-state theories. Flags and national anthems are mere symbolic representations of Nation. Maybe we will continue to give so called respect and tribute to the Tricolour and Rashtra-gaan, but will be nothing beyond that for a nation attributes. What didn't happen ever in our history, that we could survive as one Bharat since the times of Mahabharata, the event where the British Raj India Civil Servants obtained the name for this subcontinental land, will repeat soon. Maybe what our established history is all about is just about to recur- to be taken over by external forces. Maybe the loss was just not about the loss of 'Golden Peacock' , the proverbial 'bird of gold', it was, in deep, a loss of collective conscience when we discovered ways of compromise to ensure our Survival against the external aggressors. Maybe our Compromise Culture will provoke some new aggressors to take us over.
    We practised caste system. The brahmins were the top layers. The shudra at the bottom. But perhaps, as a whole the Caste which can be called Indians is nothing but very low on Intelligence and Intellectualism. Manu described those people who involved in society building, those imparting knowledge to the remaining as the Brahmins. In a twist of logic, those who were born from the widely accepted Brahmins also started claiming the Brahmins status. The Caste brahmins were born, as against the meritorious People whom the society revered as the Brahmins. The Caste brahmins involved themselves in creating more caste. More severely the lower caste. They did just opposite of what all duties were incharged to the merit Brahmins.
    It's a 180 degree opposite world now, of what Manu had ever desired. There are no forces remaining who are on duty to build the society. There are only the Caste- brahmins. We had decayed centuries ago, and sixty years since independence we are on the same path again.

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