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objective people

Truth seekers are never a pro-'X' or anti-'X'. To be objective one has to judge 'X' quite impartially. You can reach to the truth only when you are objective, detached from your personal likeness or dislikeness for 'X', 'Y', ...and all the people.
   Un-detached People might think of you as a confused man who is sometimes behaving pro-X and other times, anti-X. But the purpose of your objectivity appears only on the day of War. To stand by the truth, you first need to know which side is the truth. Your entire hard work, of being objective, of being detached , raises its fruit on this day when you make your call. It is like this that your instincts perform better today. Without objectivity of your conducts, your instincts are typically a subservient of your emotions.
    Indeed it is these pro-X and anti-X people who are the blind followers, the perpetrators of evil. These are the ones who refuse to analyse 'X' objectively all through , thereof giving him encouragement to do whatever he wanted.

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