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Helpguide on debates of social media

Debates which take place social media are not meant for you, if:
1) you don't believe in the 'freedom of expressions'. Instead, you may join a community of 'like-minded people' which is well 'moderated' for 'right posts' and 'wrong post'. In other words, those communities which practice censorship.
2) you are not conversant with how the 'freedom of opinion and expressions' works.
3) You are man whose 'feelings can be easily hurt'.
4) You hold emotions and sensibility higher than logic and reasonability.
5) You fear for your job, office people, company HR.
6) Your arguments work only in the verbal form, in a private or secret space. They cannot hold waters in written form , over a public space.
7) You are conscientious that you are involved in works contrary to what you profess to be doing. In other words, you know that your business survives on some mis-doings.
8) You should be able to find the similarities and the different between two conceptual terms. The difference between a 'Debate' and 'Dialects' in the first place. You should have mental ability to know when and where to apply the knowledge of 'Similarity between ideas' and where the 'difference between ideas'.
9) If you are a bigot, who gives support or resist an opinion based on the rank, region, religion of the person you are likely to be caught by the public. You must have ability to be able constantly search the justice in the changing dynamics.
10) If you do not have a basic ability to search the truth. That is, you should be able to differ between facts and beliefs. To do that, you need to have standard knowledge of 'what is an evidences'.

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