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How does an Indian understand 'Control' as in 'management control' .

The concept of 'Control' should be kept well separated from the behaviour of Feudalistic Siege. The scarce educated, village-born, rural mentality Managers who 'make it through burning the night lamps/hard work' to the management ranks are not conversant in the methods of how to exercise Control. In management, Control is itself a scientific process, often involved use of statistics and mathematics order to obtain the Optimal Quantity, Studies of life span, working life, human interface, and all that.
        The rural mentality understands 'Control' as reprimands, punishment, deprivation, denials of essential commodities. Well, that is how they saw their Village feudal lord exercising 'Control' over them, or that they themselves as Feudal Lords exercised 'control' over the impoverished peasantry. It is typically essential of Feudalist conducts to suppress free-speech, free-will, or atleast to meekly accept all oppression.
       I love to recall the school times wherein we were the first batch of +2standard to be allowed to lay our hands on the FX-82 Scientific Calculators. How many of us remember all the statistical function keys available in that Calculator? Remember the purpose and utilities of these statistical operations? The technical effecting of 'Control' actually entails all those functions of your FX-82 Scientific Calculators, which we today preserve as the node points of our Nostalgia boulevard.

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