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50% power bill waiver by the AAP's Delhi Government to those who protested against the inflated bills: WHAT IS THE LOGIC OF MEDIA IN MAKING CLAIMS OF PROPRIETY ?

It is cumbersome to understand the propriety issue the News Media is trying to raise in the AAP's decision to give subsidy to those who supported their call for protest by not paying their bills.
Back in time, a propriety issue had risen when the AAP has called on people to protest by not paying up their Electricity Bills. The moralists asked the AAP to give back something in return to such people who would be supporting their call. It came as a due moral obligation on the AAP to give back , to share away, the fruits of the protest they all suffered.

Therefore the propriety issue of why should the AAP benefit its supporters is a question of Morality, and is well answered.

The second question related to the propriety could be about from which funds should this subsidy be borne?? From the AAP's personal funds, or the State's fund??

Is the second question really so difficult to answer? It HAS TO BE the State's fund. The funds of AAP are the common collection of the people itself and meant to bear only the election expenses. The protest was against the Delhi's erstwhile govt and therefore the cost will naturally have to come on those people. The cross-scrutiny of this issue against those who paid their bills, while not conforming to the AAP's call, is answered by the fact that those people, in logic, never suffered. Neither then, nor now. So, there cannot be a propriety to share the rewards with those who did.

In simple words,
When the freedom war against the British had been won, everyone shared the fruits of freedom. But everyone was not entitled to become the freedom fighter. Only those who did the active fight became entitled to the Freedom Fighter status.

It seems that the logic of the news media is that : Either make everyone a freedom fighter who were living before the independence happened, OR make none.

Therefore, once the fruits of the court room battles against the DisComs are won by the Kejriwal govt, if it comes that the receipts should be disbursed back to the people , then the appropriation will be made to the entire people of delhi nomatter they supported the AAP's call or not.

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