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Corruption, among other things, a consequence of the haphazard laws in Indian system

Life in India is tough for one of the reasons that our laws are not 'streamlined'. By 'streamlined' it is meant that there are so many laws, and arranged- scattered - in so much of a complex way that it is virtually impossible for anyone to speak conclusively with full confidence whether a task can be done in accordance with the normal conscience a man bears and in conformity of all the legalities, OR it cannot be done.
Admire the situation of the passage of the Delhi JLP Bill.
Even the people who have spent a life time working within the Administration cannot be confident of whether the law is allowed to be passed or not.Look at the dilemma of the so called constitutional "experts". One really takes a heartful laughter as to what kind of expertise they have where even the experts cannot sound to be in one voice!Then how different are the experts from the common people who follow the laws with the help of ordinary Conscience-born knowledge of the law.
Rather how much similar are the 'experts' with the common people in their confusion about the law ?!

The Aam Aadmi Party consist of people who each of them is new to the art and craft of public governance. But that doesn't mean they are new to the world of Laws and the Constitution. Indeed the troubles they are facing is another menifestation, another evidence of that familiar Aam Aadmi status which have always made life tough in India for any other common man. One really doesn't know- to be , or not to be.
Only the seasoned politicians sound confident of their answer in this maze formed from the laws in india. And yes we all may well guess why so. Because the laws as per when and how they want it to be.
The Lt Gov put his dilemma to the SG, who in turn spoke out whatever his compulsions wanted him to deliver.the truthful and just resolution of the dilemma may well be on the far side, you never know.
Have we ever considered how much toll this maze of laws has taken on our national development? The westerners have frequently rated the business environment of India as most difficult for this very reason that the maze of laws is almost unpassable.
The corruption in itself is said to be rooted in this very cause where a man judges it to be comfortable to pay-up some BRIBE and steer clear rather than to lose his mind,body and soul in the unsolved maze of laws in India. It's ironical that the anti-corruption laws will itself fall victim of the very maze which it should actually promise to resolve for us.

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