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Democratic freedoms are meant for a better solution-finding, not to fizzle out the solution itself.

VD:U r right. .honest people become Khemka and face multiple transfers. Some people enjoy 20 yrs without transfers due to political patronage. Its easier to run a tape record than to build a track record. AAP is choosing the easy way out.
When the winds of change start to blow they don't follow the old tracks. Change don't run in a competitive race on the same old race courses. Why would they be a change if they too do the same. ________________________________________________________________

VD:  The whole idea sounds as if its a genetic disease and they will replace it with purer genetic pool.
haha..A Paulo Coelho puzzle about a king in whose kingdom a magician a put some potion in the well from which everyone in the town drinks the water. The potion makes everyone dumb headed and behave foolish. Every one has gone bonkers except the king himself. What do you think the king should do now. Should he also drink away the water? How should he cure his ill subjects? Or, is there any other option for the king ? Vineet Dubey: Watch a movie Idiocracy , and read about its review in Wikipedia.

VD: If someone believes that only he is correct and everyone else is wrong then we know who needs (mental) help.
 That's where the typical idiocy of Indian gene shows up!! That , which you just said ! Eventually the idea of democratic freedom, the freedom of speech, idea, belief and opinion is NOT to fizzle out the right and the just ! The whole purpose of the Democratic freedom is described by the "Marketplace of Ideas" the purpose of which is to help reach the RIGHT AND THE JUST CONCLUSION WITH MORE ACCURACY ! You worked it the other way, Dear VD. It is a typical error an indian mentality makes , most likely under the influence of the Hindu culture one is brought up in . We believe in a thousand crore gods and have a syncretic culture. We allow for the "A" and "Not-A" to co-exist. It is not feasible and not in the better mental health of the followers of this system unless they have a mechanism of sorting out how to live in the oxymoron's world ! You see, in the past the culture originally was based on the idea of Knowledge (Sanskrit root word Vid , meaning Knowledge.) possibly because of this very reason. Knowledge (technical specialisation, dhyan (meditation, immense thinking), yoga, pramaan(evidencing laws), tark (logical reasoning), nyay-sutra, shastrath (dialectic reasoning) , Charvak school of thoughts) that is way emerged from this very religion. It is because of these process that a Hindu could survive in his oxymoron's world. Or else he is destined and doomed to become a confused person, and an Idiot in the least. These are the attributes which contribute towards giving this vedic religion its USP of the Dharma. Dharma is a connotation for Nyay(the Justice) and Honest, public welfare policy-making. Without these attribute A Hindu is nothing but a fool. Anyways, another observed truth, I hold, is that Hindu will be naturally be more prone to behave a confused idiotic self in a democracy unless he learns to find the Solutions and then make policies and laws which are Uniform, homogenous and unambiguous. Only then, a law court and a government can do the right things. Watch out, your words justify Confusion, Idiocy, ambiguity and inequality. That's what the government of today is behaving like. !

VD: Thats ur standard line of argument. u find it easier to strike at people than to counter the idea.
 I know we do not have a meeting ground on ideas but that does not mean I denigrate every discussion.
   As far as logic is concerned the person who believes that he has more and generalises the opposite idea as "Indian mentality" etc is usually wrong. You are not alone. There r many left leaning pseudo intellectuals who will rubbish vedic culture and then quote from it. I will prefer confused democracy over nazi school of pure bred holier than thou crusaders.
 Apologies I had to stoop down to ur standard of name calling and generalising which u mistake for debate.
I hope and pray that a self-awakening comes around some day. may the wisdom prevail , the self-knowledge come high.
VD: Amen to that

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