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'Dynasticism in a democracy : a logical tangle which a democracy must solve out for its sustenance"

"Dynasticism in a democracy : a logical tangle which a democracy must solve out for its sustenance"
 Let us think in a little logical manner about the problems and challenges of dynasticism in a democracy. In a fair and just world it is wrong,both, to deny someone an opportunity,or, to unfavourably extend someone an opportunity for reasons of his birth. It applies to everyone- the rich and the poor people.  Then how do we ensure that the worthy people , no matter a dynast or of a commoner birth, are reached their rightful place.
 It is this question which gives the cover of legitimacy to a crooked dynasticism to walk into the democratic system. There comes an unresolved ambiguity of whether a person reached (/failed to reach) a position by virtue of his merit, or, by virtue of his birth ,--an ambiguity which a sustaining Democracy MUST resolve in order to continue to sustain itself.

     Without a check on the dynastic politics in place in a democracy, an incentive is created for the rulers of a democracy to change the laws in their personal favours, the fruits of which shall be borne by them in the form of LIFELONG personal benefits to themselves and their progeny.

     The better way to resolve this problem is either by way of putting some kind of limit cap on the number of times a person may take charge of a public office -
the US sytle where a person can contest the presidential elections ony two times,and can hold office only for two terms;
   the UK style where the monarchy has been permanently established separated from the democratic institution called the Parliament, and has been allowed dynasticism, rather been supported on it through a law on the 'line of succession' ,and this all with a simple condition tag that the royals may not contest elections to the 'House of Common'.(they can be nominated to the 'House of Lords').

    Our country India has it's own serious challenges of resolving the problem of dynasticism. Unfortunately we have no mechanism to resolve the ambiguity of the Dynast/Merit tanglement.
     As a proposed solution , now that we are a Republic nation, bringing back in the monarchy will be rather tedious. Therefore we are left with only one type of solution - viz., putting some kind of prohibition law on the number of times a person may contest elections, and may hold a public/constitutional office.

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