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Mr Ashok Khemkha, IAS case- how the honest and high-integrity people are put to utility in a corrupt system

BJP's act of middleman -business.
BJP is propagting among the populace the transfer of Haryana IAS Mr Ashoka Khemka to the centre as a response at anti-Corruption measures by them. But  people need to question back to BJP if this publicity can this ever be a substitue for their desire and intention to NOT to proceed against Robert Vadra and his syndicate?
Before this, the BJP also transferred Ms Sunita kejriwal, w/o Arvind , to MCD which was resisted by their own party, while they being the elected rulers of MCD are being accused of massive corruption.
What effectively is the BJP achieving by promoting the cause of the honest and high-integrity people, while intending not to proceed against the high and mighty political level corruption?
Discreetly, it can serve two purposes. Just as more and more people, new and rising politician, become embroiled in any kind of dispute or a court proceeding, it brings in "negotiation capabilities" to the already dirty clan of politicians survivng the public bashing, against these new strants for secret deals, party-coalition, etc. It is through this "use" ( a rather surreptitious abuse) of the honest and high-integrity people that the "humaam mein sab nange" situation is achieved, which is covertly advantageous to the larger clan called the politicians. This purpose of acquisition of negotiation capability is akin to the business style of the middlemen in the trading world. Hence, the title of this purpose and concept, 'the middleman -business'.
Secondly, the high-integrity honest people contribute to the bigger corrupt leaders by keeping in check the small-scale corruption by the lower masses, thus effectively bringing the perception among the populace to be acting against corruption. Corruption, otherwise, breaks the back of Trust depository in any civil society completely, and can lead to civil commotion. Thus, the big-fish Politicians "apply" the smaller honest and high-integrity people to hold in the society while yet continuing on their own corrupt mis-deeds.
Smart strategy, na??
(I have been barred by India Against Corruption facebook community to post my comments on their post. Quite obviously, it is front community of Ms Bedi and likes who are working for the BJP's cause to divert or contain the Good Smaritans from the corruption agenda started by erstwhile Mr Hazare's team.)

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