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on Germany winning the FIFA World Cup 2014

Germany has won the world cup.

Possibly not relevant to this victory but I am reminded of how the German economy has been the only sustaining economy in the EU in the past few years. Germany has been a target of the US Espionage , as revealed by whistle blower Snowden-for reasons I still like to guess.
    Germany has been a great performer in football for quite sometime although victory kept eluding them by acts of fate, not because of lacking efforts. Kahnu Kahn their goalkeeper has not vanished from my memory who played in the WC two editions ago.
  Michael Schumacher, the F1 champion made his fans cry when he met with an accident while skiing. And his recovery from a longest medically induced coma was  a greater and more emphatic victory than all his F1s. It qualified supremely all his physical and mental endurances.
    From the era of Hitler, I am reminded of the the fascist beliefs of his regarding the superiority of the German Aryans race. Hitler's T4 Eugenics program, in which the defective newborn babies were medically indentified in the childhood and eliminated then itself(how cruel of the germans!) ,to bring around a still better quality racial gene, -- is the instant thought I get whenever I have to suffer the illogicals, the stupids and the idiots. India is full of such a population.
  Germany has been the homeland of some of the best Psychologist the world has ever had. Psychology is field of Humanity in which the learning brings about immense self-awareness, self-knowledge.( Humanities are the field of study for this very reason). It is the birth country of Protestant Christianity, the social-religious change from which the authentic Secularism emerged later.

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