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Politicians'promises , hopefulness and intentions are like mirage in a desert.

Regarding 'Intentions' and 'hopes' -how long are we going to keep these intricate aspects of a judicious behaviour as *uninformed choices*?
    Can we not apply ourselves, our reasoning ability to read the signs , to make calculated anticipations of what is about to come?

Political Hopes are often like Mirage in a desert- can make us, the 'hopeful' citizens run fruitlessly unless we drop dead or giveup altogether. This same truth goes with the overt (as against the hidden) Intentions of the politicians.
It happens more frequently than not, that hopes sold out to citizen are meant to exhaust out his energies and beliefs of seeing a truly good, prospering nation before him.
   Political Hopes activate the Emotional self, obvious to say, they switch off our minds. How long are we going to justify our wrong political choices on the argument of "lets hope this time..." ?

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