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English-speaking Social Status culture in India, and the CSAT issue

It needs to be emphasized that every dispute related to English language MUST NOT be twisted into a Hindi language discrimination issue in India. It is time people of india wake-up out from their self-love of "mother tongue" and accept that English globally is the language of Scientific progress. Mr Sharad Yadav need not to get involved in every issue related to English Language superiority everytime.Some arguments in favour of English language are too well established to be beyond his reach.

   People who would be clearing the C-SAT exam would not be belonging to the English race. They are definitely local Indians with an enhanced learning of a second language other than their mother tongue. This point should ideally throw light on their superior learning ability than a native language speaker. However, the refuting argument, too, stands convincing that in India English Language speaking is not merely out from the effect higher learning, but also because of higher social status which our culture awards to it. Therefore we duely have many English speaking stupids, and as a consequence of the Relativity, the native language wiser people.
  In short, English-speaking doesn't truely reflect a higher learning skill, which , ideally it should be expected from a non-English native country. English-speaking comes, alternatively, from a demand for higher social status. From this angle, Mr Yadav maybe doing an appreciable effort to bring the social status of Hindi and other native languages of India at par with English.
   But the question in self-criticism is whether the CSAT could be affected with the higher social-status of English-speaking, or, English language is natural-selection choice of Language Comprehension Test for the CSAT due from the higher scientific and scholarly vantage point that the language actually enjoys ?

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