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Competence or Congeniality - pick your choice ?

Competence comes at the expense of Congeniality. Competence has to dispel many of the views which come from the near and dear ones. That's in the nature of Justice. Isn't this one of the reasons why the Goddess of Justice is kept blindfolded.
In the same thought, Competitive Thoughts have to transcend the barriers of mutual affection so to blossom out.
  People habituated of the dual justice which they learn from local, immoral vernacular sayings such as "सांप भी मर जाये, लाठी भी न टूटे"(to achieve opposing targets in the same strike), will ofcourse not like the method and approach path of the better competence. Better competence often times makes no compromises. It makes a direct and straight hitnto kill the snake. 
     Therefore,  many a time people might misjudge the better Competence to be an 'inferior class' on the basis of its discongenial behavioral pattern.
     But the truth of nature is that Competence has very regularly featured itself in an discongenial robe.
       Famous novel "A brief history of Time" by Stephen Hawkings has a chapter dedicated to describing the inter-personal relations which great scientists such as Albert Einstein , Issac Newton, Charles Darwin had with their peers. Infact in the scientific world and in psychology, the poor Father-Son relationship is known to be one of the greatest triggers in the making of some of the greatest scientists the mankind have ever had.
  Indeed Copernicus did not enjoy "the pleasure of the people and the authorities" when he announced the heliocentricity.
  Why then do we still let Congeniality to be a evaluation parameter for Competence ? Those Behaviours which seek to "win the pleasure of peers" are those of sycophants and of the incompetent who seek alternate routes to success. To work 'enjoying in the pleasure of someone' conduct are the equivalent of "Casting Couch" we know of in the film-making industry. Will this behaviour ever yield righteousness? And the Justice??
   Why else do the incompetent and corrupt politicians commonly agree and call for appointments of people who have "good will" , who are "congenial" , and seek to redeem a power in themselves to make or repeal appoints of those who "enjoy the pleasure of the senior" ?

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