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How Kiran Bedi is acting to exploit the lack of logical thinking among Indians

Kiran Bedi has called for a public debate with Arvind Kejriwal.

Kiran does not have anything new , any other point which the BJP Supporters have constantly been cross-accusing Kejriwal, in order to save their economic interests which are fulfilled through the culture of corruption prevailing in the administration. The political saving can only be brought about when Kejriwal is defeated , hence they need to engage him such without looking to be corrupt themselves.
   Thankfully the train of human reason provides enough shunting points where the clarity can be obscured, obfuscation of information achieved.
  Arguments between the right and the wrong can be confused out if the mental abilities are suppressed and degraded. If people can be confused on how much similar is the colour Pink from the Red, and how much different are they othwrwise, where which colour can be suited-- the Corruption has found its heaven just over there.
   It is the same situation which now prevails between Kiran and Arvind.
Kiran is accusing Arvind of those standard charges which the BJP supporters have been leveling against him:
1) Arvind "colluded" with the Congress to form his 49day Government.
2) Arvind went political by founding the AAP, which Anna did not want.
3) Arvind retracted on his no-bunglow promise and too up the Government accommodation.
4) Arvind did not do anything against Shiela Dixit.

It is in these charged that a Pakistan-like "state of denial" has been adopted by Kiran and alike, with the sure motive of preserving the economic interest served by the Corruption.

The answers to the above issues have been standard and quite well understood , and yet these questions have been repeatedly harnessed by the  BJP team in order to defeat the mission of the crusaders.
   Yes, the vocabulary, Hindi or English,whatever, have also been slightly guilty for not having provided the accurate words for differentiating between various concepts that Kiran and Arvind's team wanted to train against each other.
  One such case has been that of the "U -Turn" , where appar
ently everybody, Kiran and Arvind both can be factually accuses of having taken a U-Turn, of walking back on their own words. Often, the debates have then drifted away into quarrelling "you did it first", in order to justify and resolve the tangle of "U-Turns".
    Methodically speaking, U-Turns are not always something sinister that the species of humanity should seek to avoid. U-Turns are important for correcting up oneself, but must not be over exploited so as to lose away the homogeneity and uniformity essential to the establishment of the Justice.
   The "wrong-side-driving" is one type of U-Turn which should be avoided for the reasons so obvious.
  This fundamental, philosophical nuances is essential to be present in the mases in order that they make the right and appropriate choice.
  Or else, we shall never see a  solution of differentiating 4BHK apartment from a posh Lutyen Buglow which the politicians convert into personal property from the public money.
  An intellectually dumb public is the most essential need for the corrupt to thrive, and all that the corrupt need to do is to pamper the idiot masses and assure them of their "smartness and intelligence" , past or present, in order to both, win away their sympathy, as well as keeping them off from investing their brains to realize how exactly are they being exploited.

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