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Debate: Should death penalty be abolished ?

The one single cause why I would not advocate an abolishment of Death Penalty is, if our Criminal Justice system is not perfect enough to award a death penalty with requisite accuracy, then so is our social structure, our governance structure and our sciences and technology .
      These all are imperfect and thereof providing a conciliatory justices for each other's imperfections.

        The society is full of criminals of various kinds. Some of them have a self-destructive inspiration for doing a extreme wrong. Others have psychological ill to be unable to reign on ownself to Commission a wrong. Our executive and political systems are not strong enough to prevent such a wrong of a mass scale which can upheaval a normal functioning society. Our medical science is not advanced enough to forewarn us of a developing mental-illness within some private individual, nor it is good enough to provide a conclusive cure which maybe applied afterwards.Why, then, should the judicial system alone bear a burden to concile all the imperfections that it may never to be able to weed out within the prevailing standards of Society and the sciences?

Demanding for justice only in one's time of weakness is an act of wickedness. A one-sided delivery of justice ia a corollary to the same set of wickedness. Therefore the Ideal of Justice will have to bear the burden to ensure to its own self that it reigns throughout , or else the one side delivery of Justice will itself become a mechanism to do some injustice.
    Often times, people demand for abolishment of death penalty only when they are caught by the law. People don't deliver mercy and kindnes when they are delivering a wrong whike with full knowledge and consciousness of themselves doing a wrong. Why, then, should the Judiciary adopt on itself to weed out the imperfections within itself when the society is not yet ridden of the unkind sentiments with the human beings. Any such one-side adoption of extreme kindnes will serve nothing but to give more breath and life to the unkind to act with more impunity.

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