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The rotating earth and the inequality thereof

btw, methinks that a horological phenomenon, rotation of earth from west to east, is the source event which causes eastern part of Terra firma to be natural resources rich. you can see that as a global pattern. infact the founding of the Continental Drift theory is based on this phenomenon. Centrifugal forces of the rotating earth have caused most of its heavy mineral to settle away of its equator on each of the Terra firma pieces. hence the South is resources rich. the west is generally dry as the rain and cloud bearing winds blow from east to west. hence east is water resource rich too. the social impact of abundance of natural resources, food reserves and wateris that people are less enterprising. hence, less of business acumen. the west dominates because the people are more business skilled and enterprising, because business and trade is their survival way.
this is "Californication" phenomenon, "the sun may rise in the east but it settles in the west location", as the lines in the song go.
Smaller nations have been more adventurous and dominant ,militarily and economically. Changez Khan was from a dry gobi desert land, he conquered the world. The British were island people, they followed. the Arabs, the Japanese, and in India the Marwaris from Mewar area.
    the east has been the nerve centre for religion and philosophy, and the founding of civilization.  Civilizations have settled where there has been abundance of drinking water. The east have often been more water rich than the west, and hence taken the lead in founding the religion.

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