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A message to the brats of Indian Army

Indian Army is a British creation. It is the same Army composed of the very Indians which was built by the British to rule over the people of this very land which we call today as India. It is that very Army which was used for crushing the Indian sepoy mutiny, which hanged its own fellow man Mangal Pandey when he rose to stand for certain values.
    Army and it's "brats" must therefore abandon the conceit and self centered narcissism which they so deeply develop taking for granted the civil society's need for being respectful to their soldiers.
    The Army didn't fight for India's freedom from the British. It was people as Bhagat singh and Gandhi- None of these martyrs were Army men-. they were ordinary civilian. Army protects the *Country*, the civil society builts a *Nation* from that country. A Country is merely a piece of land, nation is the value that makes it worth living and giving your life for it. The courage of a soldier to give his life doesn't come from protecting a piece of land because he doesn't privately own that land Which may feed his interest; it comes from protecting the values of that land which give him a belief that those values serve his interest best.
   The values of a nation are its Constitution. Constitution is the holy promise each citizen has made with other. The Constitution stands for the victory of the truth and justice. It stands for democracy.
  It is these values which demand that half-truths be laid to rest. The truth be revealed in full and totality so that the democracy may be served best.

I am happy that Indian Army understood it's burden to reveal the truth. It thus gave a go-ahead for the release of the evidence despite all the dangers that such a revelation may bring to it. The circumstances demanded it. It is the political party sitting in power which is guilty, *twice* ; first by allowing the release of the statement from the Army which served to hide more than revealing the truthful state of affair. And second, by blocking the releases of the evidence when the defence forces had given their go-ahead.

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