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Modern times habit of revisionism

Btw, revisionism is in high gear these days. And not just in History, but also in mythology.

Whatsapp messages are in circulation speaking Ravan was not a symbol of evil, but rather an ideal brother who was out to revenge his sister's dishonor.

Almost all thing that we know of the Hinduism is being put to revisionism. The problem is that while freedom of expression has come to the people, armed with the tool of social media where quick dissemination is possible, most people are not articulate thinkers, practised enough in the Critical Thinking. Moreover , India does not have institution as the high brand colleges of liberal arts and other think tank organization which may help to provide to the masses the right knowledge.

Result is that Intolerance has grown along with the growth of power to achieve wider dissemination of one's idea - namely, the social media.

Of course the evil bend  political outfits have rushed to capture the intolerance of masses to propel themselves to power.

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