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Within Indian type setup, Moral Rights have better chance of enforcement in a fascist government than a coalition govt

I personally think that enforcement of moral Right is even more weak in a Gathbandhan(coalition) , than in facist type regime. 

The problem is the Constitutional gear machinery where the mechanism for enforcement of Moral Right is virtually non-existentent.

In such a case whatever little enforcement of the moral Right we have managed, and we may manage in future, is by Goodwill gesture of the leader of the regime which is in power. 

The fascist provide a better chance and certainty in this regard , than a Gathbandhan. The latter leave more power centres which may not agree to the existence of the moral Right. Infact many of members are often making merry at the expense of another, because they believe they may not get a second chance. Quite of course, many of them don't even have a political ideology,forget about having a moral call approved from them.

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