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Services are not Professionals, although they call themselves so in a cliché

Services are not Professionals, although they call themselves so in a cliché
It can be put as a blind bet that the district administration Official must not even have made a visit to the site to make the safety and security assessment before signing the permit application.

'Services" are highly unprofessional people. They have no system operation manual, neither is there any check-list system, no system audits, no review meetings, no pieces of training, nothing.
Truthfully speaking, no man who collects his salary from the exchequer fund is a 'Professional". For the simple reason that such a man does not have to run in any market competition in order to improve his skills by which he may improve his income.

"Services" people very often mistakenly think and label themselves as "Professional ". But the fact is that no working person who does not have to suffer the force of Market, the pressure of demand and supply, can qualify to think of himself as a Professional.
The academic knowledge in Commerce can testify the above statement.

You may hear even the top defence Official also calling themselves to be "Professional". But the insight of the Commerce can tell you that Services- Military or the Civil Services -- are merely "professional-like", but not "professional" per se
Further, their behaviour pattern will also confirm the statement made above. The "services" work for "honour ", as they like to say it, as against a "Professional", whose best demand is the money. The result of the honour-driven thought process is that these people are very often very egoistic, self-centred, and sometimes even narcissistic.
They do not have any fair process of working, have no "Rule of Law", very regularly love to work by use of Discretion and arbitrary decision-making system. They simply pretend to be "rule of law " compliant, whereas even an ordinary system audits can reveal the truth to be otherwise.

The Civil Services originally were meant to serve as the Clerks to the companies founded, very regularly, by the Professional. So the Professional were the true bosses, and the clerks, the office staff.
Even the renowned East India company was founded by the 12 Great Livery Companies. The Company of the Professional is called as Livery Company. The Livery Companies function under the direct Royal Charter granted by the Monarch.

All the great economic powerhouse countries in Europe have this system. But the Indian system has, owing to the topsy-turvy history of Slavery and Independence, have adopted the UPSC system where the so-called clerks have been made the boss, and the Professionals now take orders from them. 
Quite obvious that India now runs short of the talent and skills, to boost its economic growth, and the bureaucracy is worst known business facilitator in the world.
The services, particularly the Civil Services, do not even have a working dress- and yet very simply think of themselves as "highly Professional". Of course, they acquire their knowledge and idea of the "professional" from the English dictionary, not from the lessons of the economic history of the big developed countries.
So, it can be straight assumed that the permission to hold the festival gathering would only be Paperwork, without even holding any assessment survey. When they don't have even the working dress, one can easily come to the thought they don't ordinarily have to take such activities. Clearly, such behaviour is contrary to how "professionals" truly work all over the world.
The professionals know the need to quickly update their working manual after acquiring any lessons from an incident or the court judgement. Because, they have to meet the market force and must act urgently always, in order to improve their income. But a "service" man will have no such sense of urgency, as his income is fixed, and guaranteed from the Tax-collected the exchequer fund. This lacking sense of urgency is that proverbial "Red Tapism" or the "bureaucratic-hurdle" behaviour

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