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Labour Welfare, too ,is a component of the Market Forces, which must be freed for achieving the genuinly world-class goods and services.

Labour Welfare, too ,is a component of the Market Forces, which must be freed, so for achieving the genuinely world-class goods and services.

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Regarding hi-skill professionals, there are some observation and thoughts which i have learnt after some experiences.
The foremost is that, contrary to how many of us think, the hi-skill develops NOT in the laboratories, but in the market.
The core reason why democracy became successful in alleviating the problems , such as the unemployment and mass indigence which plague most of the societies, is that democracies managed to bring about technological advance with it. But the question is how do the Democractic systems manage to bring about the scientific and technological development?
Here is where most of our Desi thinkers go amiss.
Most of our thinkers like to talk about Democratic system only from the social justice , and human (political) equality perspective only, whereas there is also an economics offshoot to the system of Democracy - it is called the Free Markets .
What happens when there is a political and judicial equality - of the REAL kind- is that the inter-play of the *market forces* itself put the pressure on the market to continually search for new paths, to explore , to invent, to discover , to innovate . In the REAL Balanced system , the labour welfare /public welfare is also treated as one of the genuine forces which have a role to play in the free market . It is now that the true game of the market forces comes around .
In the fake versions of Democractic system, the failure are abound. In our Indian set-up the causes of failure are seeded in the issues of Bureaucratic Feudalism, the social-cultural attitude of the Judiciary - to act bias (perhaps to preserve the interest of certain class/caste of people) , to act as an extended arm of the Ruling party (an agent of the executive machinery) , and other social attitudes such as our habit to look down , condescendingly, upon the demand for labour welfare (public welfare) as a "socialist" rudimentary behaviour!.this is possibly because the bureaucracy is itself highly indulgent in arrogant behaviour, rightly to be called as feudalistic behavior , and so it does not want to support labour welfare issues genuinely as that will ruin their own private gains.
So , truely speaking , the Indian standards of Democracy are misleading , as what is truely being practised in the public governance is not what it is being labeled on. The market forces are NOT undergoing a genuine inter-play which may force the society to go for exploration, invention, innovation . Instead , on most occasions manipulation , exploitation , ignorance are able to help sustain the profits of the market .
And that is how the market forces in the FAKE Democracies work.

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