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Democracy - of the Government Servants OR of the Common people

The west is concerned that the Democratic nations that took birth after the world war-II, most of them are heading towards self-destruction.  The public administration systems, the Democratic Government mechanisms were not "homegrown" but rather "imported", self-styled "jugaad" adaptions of the original systems of the west itself.
Thus, the Government systems are confused and deprived of any streamlined singular Philosophy around which their theories and Principles could emerge. The localised adaptions have led to the insular design of most of their prevailing Government systems, which, in best judgement are no system at all.
One of this new-born nation wanted to not to have the system of Kingdom. It, therefore, made the adaption by knocking out the system of King-sovereign and replaced it with the Presidency. In the bargain, it forgets to eradicate the "Servants of the Kings" system. Thus, the King was 'out' but his Servants were still around! They turned into the Government Servants with the same sets of privileges, albeit without any overlord to supervise them. The publicly elected representatives became puppets for the Government Servants to Rig the show of Democracy in their personal interest.
The system of Democracy, now as it stands, is a "Democracy of the Government Servants" instead of the "Democracy of the common people".

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