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Government licensing authority and a demand for test of Psychology of the driving license candidate

Driving is actually a work of Human Psychology. Driving has huge connection with the personality traits of a person.

A rash driver, very surely , will also be a rash decision-maker, a rash commentator.

His car and the collision marks will reflect his rash driving and thereof may suggest of the personality traits of the driver to great accuracy .

Driving is actually done from Habits of a man. Driving is part of every person's *auto-pilot behavior* .  Auto-pilot behavior is when a person thoughtlessly, - Mechanically-  conducts *by himself* .

Unfortunately this is one department where the government is not doing anything in regard to safety on roads. The test of the Psychology of the potential driving-license candidate. A regular intervals, rigorous test that the person is Psychology suited to take-up the driving duties and so he does not act J to negligence and rashness.

Unwittingly this same is also the one test that the Government agencies are ill-known for - subjecting every common-man into a test of his patience to its extreme when he comes to government offices  for any  public works, other than applying for driving  license  !!

The government fails to be its regular self just when it is expected from them to be so.

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