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Insular learning and philosophically-nourished learning

Knowledge, when acquired insularly, comes by Rote-learning process. It then fails to make any sense to the learners, as it fails to invoke a critical thought among them.

A teacher must have good insight into the philosophy of lots of things of common interest, as that may come of help to him to connect the pieces of knowledge that he wants to impart to his learners, in a connected, streamlined link to a pre-acquired 'interesting' subject, instead of the isolatedly informed piece of knowledge, to which the learner may feel pressed to acquire only by Rote-learning. A good teacher makes a story of the knowledge to assemble the concepts, one on top of other, inside the mind of his learner. The story can better relay the material towards the self-discovery of the Concept by the learner, than an isolated introduction of the idea.

The story can help build the INTEREST in the form of a connected link piece of the chain. INTEREST is the most prized behaviour of mind which is necessary for the acquisition of the knowledge.

The insular learning, which comes when the teacher is not deep enough around the philosophy of commonly found ideas, can wreak havoc on the wholesome meaning of the Concept. His method carries in it the risk of twisting and convoluting the original theories and principles to just the opposite meaning. This because the potential learner has no means to 'play monkeys" with the concept, to check it from different angles and aspect. The learner is forced to become rigid in choosing the direction of his approach to the concept. He loses the ability to Judge and to evaluate by himself. He cannot afford a critical thought any more.

The society is bound to suffer in such an environment of the education system, as there will be lawyers armed with the legal knowledge, SANS the insight on Social, political and economic history. There will be judges before whom the Conscience driven man will have to make more hard struggles to prove his correctness. There will be doctors, who would fail to cure the problem, but simply treat a condition.

Insular learning , displacing away  the philosophically-nourished learning, is bound to give learners deprived of Critical thought.

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