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The Problem of lacking STANDARDISATION thinktanks in Indian Society

CiteHr is one very famous website which is used for informing one about the labour laws and human resource management issues. But if you may ever run through any of the labour law related tricky situations being "debated" on this website, you would notice that for every aspect of the trickiness of the matter, there are very strong and well-written arguments about both the opposite -- competing - aspects of the problem. NOW if you may know anything about the rules of "Interpretation of Statutes", you would wonder as to how such competing aspects have not been solved by the labour-law related 'Act of the Parliament' which is in place. Rather, why is the prevailing law itself the genesis of the trickiness leading to the "debate"! 

In truth, that kind of "debate" should have resolved and concluded at the time of the composing of the labour law at the Parliament. But instead, THAT IS what you would witness happening at the CiteHr and after the enactment of the labour law!
Most of the times, the debate truly is an argument around the "Interpretation of the statute" with respect to the intention of the lawmakers! So,  in summary you may possibly home to the point that the labour law "debates" on the website CiteHr are outcome of the absence of fair knowledge of the "Intentions of the lawmaker", which possibly has happened because our labour laws are largely an IMPORT from the western countries, where they have originated from their own moral, cultural and religious values. The Indian - Hindu-moral,  cultural and religious values in regard to the human being as a Labour Resources don't offer such laws to the society. That is why there is so much confusion about judging the "intention" of the lawmakers, which is why there is a complete absence of the knowledge about the "intentions of the lawmakers". And it is this absence of knowledge, which in turn, is always  leading to the problem of "interpretation of statutes" , and this is what you see in the form of the "debates". !!

The FUNNY CATCH is that the labour laws of India are not the solutions of the problems in labour matters, BUT rather they SIRE the problems in LABOUR matters !
Laugh heartily if you may ! :) :D


The appropriate think tank body which may bring about a Standardisation, - THE PROFESSIONAL BODY (of Human Resources PROFESSIONAL , in the case at the point)- is absent in Indian society 

This is the root of troubles in India wrt weak operational and  labour /human resource laws  - the Profession matters laws. The PROFESSIONAL BODY opinion is ABSENT, and in lieu, the PRIVATE OPINION of a Professional is taken to Fill that vacuum. This is because the bureacracy is led by the  CLERK-Intelligence people. They lack the knowledge to make a distinction between opinion given by a PROFESSIONAL BODY vis-a-vis PRIVATE OPINION of a Professional who is sitting in the bureaucracy.

The hallmark of Standardisation is that for a given Society , nation or a country - THE STANDARDS cannot - CAN NEVER BE- more than one (Lest the Justice may be lost away to realpolitik ).
Unfortunately, the great leaders of India have spoken about the importance of one-ness of language , religion , the constitution book,

BUT never about the STANDARDS ! The great leaders have not yet identified the mechanics of STANDARDISATION , how that is achieved , how that helps to resolve the crisis of MULTIPLE OPINIONS in a single society, leading to the occurrence of the problem of "Politics" (or realpolitik).

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