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What powers does the EVM represent?

EVM represents some invisible power, which can control the socio-political life, or maybe an administrative super-power around the common man.
It is either an operative method of the super-power secretly vested in the Indian judiciary which is letting the EVMs stay around,
Or, the EVMs represent the Bureaucracy, because they are the exclusive class of people who control the Election Commission

Unfortunately, all the Constitutional post are occupied exclusively by the Bureaucracy. There is just two recorded instance when a non-IAS person has come as chairman of the UPSC. (Incidentally, one of them was CHARTED, Engineer. Now If you are interested in understanding who are the PROFESSIONALS, then look around for the meaning of CHARTED.)

So, it is done, that the EVM is a symbol of the invisible social master - like the Brahmins, in the olden times,
Or, of the Bureaucracy, in the Bureaucratic Democracy in post-independance India.

Indian Democracy is half-baked. The British who founded the Indian system were themselves the PROFESSIONAL who had brought the Bureaucracy as Babu or office-clerks to attend to their desk jobs. Thus, during the British Raj, the white man was himself the Ship Captain, and the Bureaucracy was the Purser. It has actually happened in the 1970s that the Pursers managed to pull such a strong lobby that they became the full-time owners at the shipping unions, as if more important to the running of the ships than the Captain himself. That's because the ship captains chose to be always away at sea,  not attending to the office functions where the Pursers run the office and it's desk jobs.
Only in the late 1990s did the shipowners realise that the Purser was a super-numerary, not so much essential to the Economics of the shipping business.

The Bureaucracy is that same tax-eating white elephant. Of course, they will write and speak good long essays on how important they are, more so when they have single-handed controls of all the constitutional posts in India. They will never tell you that they are largely superfluous, "super-numerary of the ship".
The Bureaucracy system is such that it is the re-written job description of the SERVANTS OF THE KING.  THINK by yourself, When India became Republic, and the post of the King was knocked down, what happened to his SERVANTS?  The Indians Bureaucracy was invented. The SERVANTS of the KING, when the King was banished, merely changed their description on paper to 'servants of the people', and descended down as the Bureaucracy, albeit retaining their powers and privileges of the King's colonial era.
The constitutional makers had a lobby of the "social justice people" who focused hard on reserving their piece in the Bureaucracy, rather than preventing the overgrowing size of the white elephant BUREAUCRACY, against the PROFESSIONALS.

The  EVM represents the consolidation of the POWER OF BUREAUCRACY. They will surely damage society .
They don't connect with the production engine of society. They are the parasites, living-off the compulsory taxes.

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