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Youtube and practitioners of Insular teaching method

Just thought of searching the youtube on the difference in the terms 'Lawyers', 'Advocate', 'Barrister,' 'Solicitors'.

The other day, I searched for Youtube 's understanding of 'what is the Rule of Law'.

There is one thing I came to understand,
that the Youtube is filled with Phony Scholarship found among the Indians. There are lots of video available, maybe in lakhs and crores, which mislead and miseducate the common people about certain things.

If ever u want to understand these things authentically, then you must always search for Youtube videos coming from a foreign country.

The Indians have perhaps created a breed of Phony Scholars - the "book worms"- who see knowledge from the eyes of the book, instead of original philosophers, the fountainhead of the knowledge.

Youtube scholarly topic video by Indians spread among the masses the "Bookworm" understanding, where the only remedy you have is to Rote-learn the topic. The piece of knowledge will almost certainly fail to stimulate your thoughts by fitting the Information correctly in the ideas that you may already hold. Since the piece of knowledge appears as an isolated, unconnected thought, you are automatically forced to acquire it in your brain by Rote-learning method. The piece of knowledge will never inspire you to think critically about anything that you may already be knowing of, and that's because of its insular presentation.

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