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Conscience, the Spiritual Education are intermediate stops on the path of development of the civilised and progressed society

There is one thing I have made observation of, from my background of receiving "divine education" 🤪😃 from CMS, and then later have interactions with people from other parts of our country as well as people from many other countries  of the world ,

That, there is a spiritual sense and an existential need of the being, which is at the heart of formation of a civilized and progressed society .

In laws , in psychology and perhaps somewhere in the neurology too, there is existence of thing called as the  *Conscience* . Spirituality is the method to feed and nuture in a positive , productive way, the *Conscience*

Remember , reading about the Conscience in Class V by Neeta Zaidi madam ?

The conscience is necessary so to apply the principles of fairness and justice .  The correct application of these principles is necessary so that we may build a civilised society.

So, if we end up corrupting the spiritual environment of our society, for example , by way of the Sainthood and Priesthood going away into the hands of bad people - the fraudsters and imposters , we are destined to make or society a living hell.

Once the spiritual environment is tampered in a society, We will have in abundance the psychopaths , the lunatics ,

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