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Technical datasheet on the Psychopaths and The Good Conscience

Regarding Psychopaths, the understanding given in the wikipedia and also various Literature from the professional association of the practising Psychologists is that Psychopaths are people who RUN AFTER THE SUCCESS such that they don't take any self-adopted stopover in their deeds , and decisions. This , the psychologists , explain is due to the absence/developmental troubles of the basic 'organ'  available in the human being which helps every man judge the Right and the wrong by himself. This is what the Sceince and the laws yet don't know much about , although they admit the existence of it , and call it by a name 'Conscience', a name which have been awarded to the organ by various religious systems.

So, a Psychopath is basically a Conscience less person.

This discussion leads the Psychologists to describe as to what the Conscience is like. Basically, the study is somewhat similar to how in the Mathematics, the scholar study about the Complex Number theory. The exact value of the underroot of -1 is not known, but it is yet nicely known and understood the properties and the nature of that unknown answer. It is in the same sense that the science does not know what organ exactly is the Conscience, but it knows few things about the nature of it.
For example, one of the most common function of the Conscience is it's ability to give every owner of it a self-adopted limits of the deeds and the decisions that it may undertake in order to meet it's survival necessities (or "the Success'). A Conscience -borne person is very often a SELF-DEFEATING person. The extreme example of a Self-defeating , truthful and honest man is Raja Harishchandra of the Hindu mythology fame. (Remember the first Bollywood cinema was made on this person). Most of the Hindu Gods will show signs of self-defeat in their character and stories . Lord Rama undertook "vanwas" and adopted by himself to fulfil the promises of his father . That is the Good Conscience. Similarly, Lord Krishna himself lived between the Gwals and dispossessed of his kingdom rights. His friends , the pandavs also practsied extreme self-defeating self-control through the incidents of Lakshyagrih, the Chausar play, the Vanwas and the Agyatwas.

Anyways , that is nature of the Good Conscience- if there is Conscience in a person - it acts to put some VOLUNTARY limitations on the person which very often lead to his self-defeat
 Many of you may, therefore, find it foolish and may curse the organ of Conscience because of this particular nature of it. But believe you me, if you don't accept the reality of it, you are most likely a Psychopath, and you need to visit a psychiatrist to help you !.

The good conscience also motivates - in extreme cases- FORCES or COMPELS the owner of the organ to protest any slightest act of INJUSTICE and the UNFAIRNESS that it may have accidentally witness of even if on someone else. This makes the CONSCIENCE-borne person a NATURAL BORN LEADER. 

Wikipedia has a detail list of people and incidents in the history where acts of GOOD CONSCIENCE have saved the mankind and humanity from catastrophe even at the cost of SELF SACRIFICE .
The famous historical episode of "The man who saved the world" (from a Nuclear halaucast) is one example listed over there.

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