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Project Artificial Democracy : Instigated is NOT same as the Agitated

*Instigated is NOT same as Agitated*
I think that the Ruling party is conspiring to exploit a farcical "truth" that a protest should not be violent .

The hidden misbelief that the Ruling party wants the common people to buy through this farcical "truth" is that all the protests that happen against the Government are basically MOTIVATED, and a result of the Opposition parties' conspiracy.

BY ACCEPTING the farcical Truth , the common man sub-consciously begins to accept that violence during a protest is not a NATURAL reaction of the agitated masses BY THEIR OWN WILL , BUT NECESSARILY coming from the INSTIGATION they have received from handwork of the Opposition parties.

And therefore , the common man falls prey to justifying the VIOLENCE action done by the state forces AGAINST the common man involved in a protest ,  BY ASSUMING that all the violence during a protest is always a SPONSORED event , and NEVER from the NATRUAL REACTION OF AN AGITATED CROWD.

In Summary, the sub-conscious mind of the common man begins to think that all VIOLENCE is sourced from INSTIGATION fron someone else and none from the AGITATION of his own mind .
The Ruling party is perhaps abusing some recently researched tools from the field of MASS PSYCHOLOGY - (sort of a Project MIND-GAMES) - to MANUFACTURE the PUBLIC CONSENT in their favour by reversing the naturally and free existent PUBLIC IDEAS.

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