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Terrorism cannot be stereotyped from the clothes or the religion of a person

Just wondering what do people understand from the word "Terrorist" ?

As I see, some people seem to say that "Terrorist" word applies to person of some specific (or say, "listed") class and Religion.

Others have different opinion

In my thinking,

"Terrorist" means only that persons who use the means of Violence against innocent(=unaware) masses  in order to achieve their political demands.

The important point is that use of violence in certain cases is waived of- especially the case of DIMINISHED RESPONSIBILITY .

Also , it must be highlighted that having a Political Demand TO SEPARATE AWAY from the state is not the wrong which should be resisted by any civilized society , but ONLY THE COMPONENT of PUBLIC VIOLENCE.

Therefore , a political demand of any kind , INCLUDING THE SECESSION cannot be held invalid merely on the face of it . Because, otherwise, what will be the difference between an OCCUPATIONIST and a FREE COUNTRY .

THEREFORE mere holding a placard "Free Kashmir" , or so cannot be held invalid merely on its face.

Rather , by doing so we might run in the danger of denying someone his free expression,which then bring to that person the valid justification for the state of DIMINISHED REPSONSIBILTY, thereby , to use violent means in order to convey one's message to the world, and to ask the world community to come for help.

India was not a OCCUPATIONIST state. It never was. It has been formed from the union of Free , willing people. As in any country of the world , there is always some amount of dissenters , people having bitterness, grievances, disgruntlement. Their call for secession cannot be granted on a snap. The process of amalgamation and fragmentation of state is never an easy action, which maybe done or undone with convenience.

Hence , the demands of fragmentation cannot be met instantly. However , the valid , legitimate grievance will surely be attended , the doors of opportunity to participate in the Governance process be allowed so that the aggrieved persons may by themselves act to eradicate their causes of grievances.

Important is that Terrorism should be understood distinctly from the POLITICAL DEMAND . Terrorist is the unwarranted use of Public Violence so to get the demands Ratified , while the DIMINISHED RESPONSIBILITY did not exist. The people had their free expression available with them in order to raise their political demands by other peaceful , civil means .

To label some one a terrorist by distinction of his religion , clothes , or so is INVALID .

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