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To advocate Insulation is a devious way to ask people not to change their opinion.

Opinionated are the people who believe that by insulating away themselves from the left and the right, they can form an opinion which would serve best, either themselves or society.

The most competitive and progressive Opinions are not truly FORMED, rather they are DISCOVERED. And the best place where one can make their discovery is the stream of conversation emerging from the conflict of ideologies.

Therefore to form the most progressive and competitive opinion, people should stay in the stream of running conversation.

To advocate insulation to form your own best opinion is a clever way to ask people to become either the leftist or the rightist.
And the rest, as it rightly goes, the greatest damage to peace and the progress have been done by those who have chosen to remain insulated and ignorant, thereby letting themselves to fall for "the leftist" or "the rightist".
To advocate insulation is a devious way to ask people not to be overcome by another competitive ideology, and thus not to change their opinion.

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