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Post-truth and the governments

Post-truth and the governments
The politically a-neutral police can act strict with the opposition and lenient with the ruling party supporters.

And there is no logical way to crack this predicament.
Discrimination can NEVER be -controlled - neither by strictest of legislation, nor by the best of the technology. And Discrimination shares this trait of itself in common with Corruption.
Only the awakened human Conscience is the  treatment for Discrimination and Corruption, as the Conscience works through It's "self-control", and the self-realization mechanics .

Incidentally, Religion is the biggest influential envelop for the Conscience to become awakened.
But what irony ! The religion is itself controlled by those who are raveling with Discrimination and Corruption !!

The trap is circular , 'completely rounded in shape" and therefore inescapable unless we start a new SPIRITUAL THOUGHT
~ the Varanasi level Brahmngyan

The post-truth way of handling the events by our government

We are in a Post-truth era, (the truthism) where the Government do - indulge in-  the scheming and the conspiracy.  They do drama of annoying, "annihilating the enemy", the video-game "surgical strikes" just to irritate the rival group and to massage and stroke the ego of their supporter base, --just for the Brownie Points.
the trump-visit is in the same direction.
The CAA , they are doing truth-ism, by suggesting that they would not trouble domestic population , while the law they have framed is "potentially" loaded to cause harm.
we needed to liberate the Power of the Public Administration from "truth'ism".  These are the days of shameless dr-jekyll-and-mr-hyde government institutions. No one cares for the public trust.

The Post-truth era is built on an assumption that the epoch of the mankind when the nations would indulge in highly destructive battles and wars , is over. Since the people have stopped caring for big-events , where the world could potentially avalanche-breakdown into the wars in the past, the foreign policy makers have "built" new conscientiousness to play the diplomacy . The policy to mix the truth and the false at "literary freedom" to run the governments and the world at their own convenience .

Post-truth and the genuine conscience-keepers of the society
In the post-truth it is very difficult to judge which side should you take a stand. Until now , the enemy wanted to destroy the social fabric of your society , but now our own people are bent to destroy it, whereas the enemy is advising to us how to keep peace and imploring us to keep harmony.
That is the miraculous effect of the post -truth.

Now whatever stand you take , you will have difficulty in settling the morality of your decision with your peers . If you support a post-truth political action, you become a self-destroyer, and if you oppose it, you seem like the enemy country !

The post-truth has brought on a new, hitherto unknown phenomenon -when the state itself would become the enemy of its own society .

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